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Luxembourg City Secrets That Only Locals Would Know

City Promenade

This official walking tour is an excellent way to get to know the city. I was impressed with our guide, who kept me hooked for four hours with knowledge and trivia – all in two languages! German/French tours leave at noon, while German/English tours start at 14:00.

Casemates Du Bock

Luxembourg was founded in the 10th century with the construction of Bock Fortress. Today the castle lies in ruins, but the 17 km of tunnels beneath it are open to the public. You can wander past Medieval ammunition stores and right to the cliff edge for picture-perfect views of the city.

Pétrusse Park

Pétrusse Park has an amazing jogging track which is also ideal for sightseeing. The path winds through the old town, overlooking the city’s cliffs, bridges and the river carving its way through the valley. It’s a really relaxing spot to run or walk – and it doesn’t cost a thing!

Vianden Castle

If you have some free time after exploring Luxembourg City, I’d recommend visiting Vianden Castle. This 11th-century hilltop fortress is one of the best-preserved castles and has gorgeous countryside views. It is only 50 km from the capital and makes an easy day trip.

Views Of Luxembourg Old Town From Grund

I loved exploring the town of Grund, which sits on the Alzette river. An uphill walk of about 15 minutes leads you to several viewpoints perched on the side of the cliff, offering some of the best views of Luxembourg City – the old town looks incredible from up there!

Chocolate House

Tucked away in the historic centre of Luxembourg, the famous Chocolate House is a must for all chocoholics! As well as serving over 60 different types of hot chocolate, it also offers a variety of delicious cakes, sweets and pies to choose from. It is located on 20, rue du Marché-aux-Herbes, Luxembourg


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